The Ironic Story of a Performer

The waiting is the worst part

You wait hours upon hours

To see the cast list go up

The hours go so So SO slowly

You wait and wait and wait

And then you wait some more


The uncertainty is the worst part

You don’t know what you are going to get

Some winners win every time

Some never win

Like a murder suspect awaiting his verdict

You know you’re innocent

But the jury may not

Like a game of Russian roulette

You either get the instant relief of being safe

Or the sudden blast of oblivion


They set their specific time

And every minute after that is an eternity

The waiting is the worst part


I do so love everything after the waiting

And waiting and waiting

The waiting seems like a small price to pay

To do what I love

To do what I can't live without

The performance is the best part

The waiting is the worst part

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