Iron and Fire

Iron and Fire

By A.R.T


They came to our land with Iron and fire,

Ready to put us on the pyre.

They claimed it was the will of god,

But I know he was a fraud.


When they sacked jerusalem with glee,

They set our anger and hatred free.

we slaughtered all who came,

And they laid us with blame.


Eight Hundred years had passed,

And yet we are still harassed.

This time with guns and bombs they came,

But it was still the same.


They claimed to peace will be the outcome,

But I knew they were like the other scum.

I knew it was riches they wanted to acquire,

Just like the men with iron and fire.


“Every war results from struggles of markets and spheres of influence,and every war is sold to to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs,as a holy crusade to save god and good from evilness and satan and evil .” -Robert Anton Wilson



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