Invisible Teachers


Shit I would throw back in my teachers face

would be my pain I felt everyday I walked throw those hallways

Bullying, teasing produced bruises that aren't easy to wipe away

Why didn't you do anything to rescue me from the poison that came from peers

Teachers you sit there, ears shut, mouth glued and eyes invisible to the nasty words and

verbal abuse "fag, whore, slut, idiot, gay, bitch, and the list goes on and on

I wonder why you teachers turn your heads was it because you were that bully

or the one teased

To become a teacher is to care for others, for the students.

On that checklist of requirements was a few boxes you must have overlooked


did your eyes navigate around those boxes

the shit I have to ay is why did I hurt sitting in those seats, walking down those hallways

head down, feet lagging trying not to skip another class

All I heared was slut, fag, whore, ugly, fat, gay

The bruises aren't so easy to wipe away

The scars drawn by a knife on a lost childs face. beaten with poisonous words, words only

aimed to break the heart and defeat the mind

thrown by a bully negleted by teachers

teachers who live in a myopia, invisible to the bullying are only manefesting the bruises

and pain, only drawing more marks, bleeding red from a kitchen knife

In the end we say we are worthless, stupid, slutty, an whore, a ag and gay

because of words created by a bully, invisible to a teacher striking the victim

Hell I pray there will never be another columbine.

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