The Invisible Pathways of Tears

There is a road that I know.

A road that none have traveled with me

a road that dosen't seem to  exist  to Them.

But I know the truth.


I hide it from Them.

In reality it swerves and dips high and low

through the darkest valleys ever known.

I make it look easy.


Around Them, it disappears.

Doubts, insecurites, fears, and hurt

all roam this lonley wandering road.

They can't know.


I won't show the real me.

The one who is human and struggles

who trips and stumbles while on the road.

I want to be perfect.


So I wipe it away.

The tearstains, the roads that i have memorized

each morning the mark of the journey is gone.

They never see. 


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