Invisible Colors

It is

The touch of her palms on

A beating heart

Toying with the

Malleable tissue

Of a passionate soul.

It is

The toxicity of ardent smoke

Wafting from the flames

Ignited from zealous dreams

Filling our lungs

With determination

It is

The emotion rushing behind

Flushed cheeks

In the heat of exchange

Between cursed words

And shouted apology


It is

The excitement threaded in voices

Announcing new found adventures

Shouting with unbridled enthusiasm

Lost to some but not to them

It is

The sea of hands

Outstretched to touch

The endless sky

Kissed by its warmth

Embraced with their own

It is

The chorus of laughter

Singing along to

The ballads of the living

Cheering on performance

After performance

After performance


It is

The birth of new life

Forged from happiness

Raised in love

Grown in warmth

It is

The illumination of knowledge

Unto the weary wanderer

Who has found

The fervor of intelligence

In their loneliest times

It is

The tale told in lustful enthusiasm

As its storyteller

Becomes lost in a sea of their dreams

Warmed by the friction between their

Ideas and their hope


It is

The burst of joy

Held between closed lips

And the whispers of bliss

Ensued from healthy love

Cured from the earth’s torment

It is

The rush of air

Teeming with motion and life

Speeding past

Her growing bones

As she watches the world spin

It is

The flow of one body

To the next

In the chain of rhythms

And rhymes and lyrics

Colliding into one soulful motion


It is

The fusion between spirit

And ice

Caving emotion

And shrouding sense

With maps to halcyon

It is

The promise of better days

From a bird

To her tether

As she flies closer to the sun

Ever closer

It is

The close proximity

Between meditation

And enlightenment

Between the soul

And its salvation


It is

The myriad of colors

With which we live our lives

Paint our emotions

See our stars

And tell our stories




Do they make us human.

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