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So many times I counted on you

Times only you could help me though

Reasons unexplained; you gave no aid to me

Every single day now, you are failing.

No excuses, no lines, no reason is good enough.

Getting too worn? Is your life too tough?

Think, for a change, about the children you raise.

How can you help when your fires of failures blaze?


Stay down just once, perhaps it will help.

Utmost quit giving, impudent whelp.

Children need you not, despite what you think.

Children need you not to pull them from any brink.

Eloquence, that language you do not speak.

So unlike them and, to their ears, your tongue does reek.

So much so, they ought never your counsel seek.


Lowly you, it is best you disappear.

Out from us, we require you be away from here.

Voids in our hearts your absence will not give.

Indeed, the lack of your presence would help us to live!

Never to be remembered would your memory be.

Gladly forgotten by all, even, especially me.


And now that you've suffered, dear mother, through preceding stanzas three,

Do not forget that which you yourself know is most important to me.

Other than substance and body of poetry

Remember how much thought I put into titling.

Excepting this verse, the one after, and its next


Yonder title applies to the words of this text.

Of course I would not truly let it be

Under no circumstance to write of you disrespectfully.


Mother, my mother, to whom none can compare,

Outshine all you will in both present and future years.

Mother, my mother, a burden like yours, truly few can bear.


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