Invalid Values

From day one, boys are taught to treat women with respect.

These boys then watch their fathers vote for a man who claims you must “treat women like shit”.


The United States Constitution states that all men are created equal.

If you’re, black, Mexican, Muslim, Colombian, Asian, Cuban or so forth, this does not include you.


Someone wearing a turban or a hijab is obviously a terrorist.

Anyone with pale skin is definitely a white supremacist.


You live in a country where it is okay to call anyone your “nigger”

Why wouldn't it be, if your first lady is a first class gold digger?


Tax dollars are being used to build a wall, thank God.

Everyone from Mexico is uneducated and only wants to steal your job.


Women are paid at least twenty percent less than men in the American work force.

This will get them back in the kitchen, where they can work at least twenty percent harder than men, of course.


The college that a student goes to should be determined by the amount of money their parents have, not because they want to say they have succeeded.

The government wont fund students’ education, because walls are more needed.


Jail time is only about five and a half years for rape and sexual assault.

But that’s fine, because the judicial system makes victims feel it was their fault.


These are things I wish I couldn't say about our country, but so many people know them as true.

The government is implementing its own unfair rules, rather than those on which this country grew.

If we all come together, we can change their negative view.

We can come together to better our country, and it all starts with you.


This poem is about: 
My country


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