(in honor of Sophia Dembling)


Introversion is often treated as the space

where extroversion is not

It's treated as a vacuum

An absence rather than a presence


Measuring introversion as the lack of extroversion suggests

that extroversion is something and introversion

is a sort of nothingness

It is a lack

A hole

A place where something isn't


I'm not mentally ill

I'm not dangerous

Or weird

Or lacking in any way

I just like to be alone sometimes

I was born this way


I don't suggest introversion is better

than extroversion

But I bristle at the suggestion

that extroversion is better than introversion


I like art galleries and museums

I like parks where I can

walk or sit and watch

I like days with nothing on my schedule

evenings alone watching six consecutive episodes of my favorite show


A night at home alone with the TV

might not sound like fun to some people

And sure, I don't mind the right kind of company

for a night like that

But I don't need company

often I don't want it


I am an introvert

And there's not a damn thing wrong with me

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