The Introvert

I've always been an introvert,

an only child doesn't have much practice,

I've never been an extrovert,

I don't exactly follow the media's popular example,

My dad thinks I'm ugly,

Boy's never really liked me,

But my mother loved me? 

I won't lie and say I'm perfect,

but I have a friend named Clarissa and a boyfriend called drake,

And the way she laughs when we talk,

and the way he hugs me when I cry,

make me feel more loved than the thin waist of a supermodel,

more alive than the rich man on top of the highest pile of concrete,

and more perfect than the prettiest extrovert on the planet,

it may be that the approval of someone else may not be the way to self love,

but sometimes the only way you can truly see yourself,

is through the reflection of the eyes of those that know what you're really worth.

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