Poetry is a CHIME that rings in your head from TIME to TIME.

Works of art that comes to mind





                                       to unwind


Poetry can Blossom like a  flower



                                                                                     or crash like tower.


It is the beauty behind words, like  flocks of birds….. SOARING by -------- in the sky.


It is the hatred inside us we cannot expel unless we do it with a. spell


Poetry makes us one, with anyone. In the night with all our MIGHT!

We can unite and share the light to combust like                                   DYNAMITE.


A place to go when you feel       ↓ where words will flip your frown----upside down.



Poetry is so DEEP our feet just cannot




Poetry is unique is makes us feel at our peak


Where as a family we can share without despair, and have it not be like warfare.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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