Introduction: Who I Am

First name,


last name,


middle is,


I slam about race, religion, and psychology.


The sins of the father,

passed down to the son,

generational patterns,

haunting Asian ones.


As clinicians,

we call it working on your “issues”,

Asians see it as a weakness,

especially when they grab a tissue.


The pride you have,

it’s time to swallow,

swallow that pride,

and go deeper inside.


Enmeshment, neglect, abuse, and abandonment,

tough topics to talk about,

but needed to erase your emotionally dark cloud.


I don’t expect you to comprehend what I’m saying,

Sometimes healing comes by,

simply kneeling and praying.


I’m religious and not spiritual,

believe in a God who performs miracles.


My eyes he opened,

my heart he healed,

my faith he’s given,

my soul he’s restored.


If you’re Christian or you’re Asian,

maybe your life seems bleak,

or you’re hiding in secrecy,

you need to know,

there’s a Savior who loves you,

a Christ who died,

a message for you.


Forgiveness for the forsaken,

acceptance for your transgressions,

redemption for your rejection,

salvation for your submission,

the promise of an identity,

for all of eternity.

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