Intimate Soul

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 16:25 -- Soulae
She's at the door,
he walked her up like a gentlemen to say, "good night, I had a good time,"
feet planted on the third step,
open space between the two,
eyes conversed, "well good night,"
she's turns around to put her hand on the nob to go in,
but he tugs on her shirt from behind to pull her back,
he stares intensely with passion coming from his fiery eyes,
two minutes past and he's still staring at her,
nervousness reached her body,
her head looked down unexperienced,
doesn't know what's gonna happen,
he put his index finger and thumb on her chin and gently pulled her virgin posture back up,
"it's okay," he whispered slowly in her shivering ears,
he looked carefully at her full lips, giving eye contact before he entered in,
showing her heart that he is respectful of every part,
caring for the pieces softly,
he made his way to the bottom lip, caressing its softness,
smothered both, with his warm, home, comforting lips,
breath taking is all you hear,
bodies move from position,
he pulled her towards him, no space in between,
just clothing getting wrinkled, from being tackled, by sweaty hands, warmed up in hormones,
feet stumbling, moving quick,
she grabbed his hand, gave him an invitation, into her home,
"come in,"
skeptical at first, 
she's a lady, doesnt just welcome any man to take ownership of her brown skin,
he was a man, aware of her beauty, the body sculpted into a woman,
made sure she knew he wasn't just a man, but one carefully holding in his hands, a feather, a human made of glass,
fragile, imperfect is what his fingers felt,
he held tightly onto her, wrapping his arms and hands around her back,
laid her down, slow in motion, so the music in the air would whisper,
and they would feel it, giving them butterflies,
inspiration, to pursue each other,
continuously he kissed her, leaving her lips, moving down,
heavy sounds made when he used another part other than his lips,
she pulled him back up, with her hands on his face, and tapped on his bottom lip,
he grabbed her hands, pulled her arms back, held them down tightly,
breathing heavy in her ear, kissing around the lobe, gently down her neck, under her chin, lifting her head up, entering her lips,
she let intimacy in, 
her soul. 


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