Intimacy not Pornography

Intimacy not pornography,

Keep away insanity.



searching for “big boobs”,

typing in “rear ends”,

search engine,

flashing, “Attention, attention!”

please stop your selection, selection!


Promise yourself perfection, perfection.

Yet ignoring, sexual infections, infections.

Not accepting imperfections, imperfections.

Continuing your addiction, addiction.


Especially those from Asian Nations,

focus on being academic sensations, sensations.

Dismissing spiritual revelations, revelations.

Can’t handle Godly connotations, connotations.

So expand your mind’s synaptic connections, connections.

So you can feel your emotions, emotions.

Rid yourself of ugly notions, notions.

Stop worrying about other’s impressions, impressions.


What matters most?

A healthy self-conception,

Also known as,

A better mental representation.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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