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To Flirt, Lust And To Bliss
Can Start with One Exotic kiss
A Jump Start To A Love Of Forever
Charges Your Heart To Power Up Together
Holding Hands And Never Letting Go
Seeing You're Combined At Ease, This Just Goes To Show
Laughs Create Smiles Of Affection
A Gaze Within The Eyes Gives A Strike Of Protection
A Touch That Enlightens Your Romantic High
It'll Have You Up Where The Clouds Are In The Sky
Enticing Actions From One Another
Makes You Splurge In A Pool Of Fantasies With Each Other
Sights Of A Guilty Pleasure
Can Lead To Many Seductive Gestures
Etched In Ones Mind Like A Permanent Drawing
Looking Inside Seeing All The Flawing
To Flirt. . .To Lust. . .To Bliss. . .

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