Walking through a school, people filling the hallway
Here comes my crush and I look down as he comes my way.
Smiling and trembling and everyone knows.
Its not just a one times feeling so its not something that comes then goes.
Do you ever feel the way i feel?
Do you ever wonder if you will ever have something so real?
He notices me and decides to speak.
That is how i know our destinies were intertwined to meet.
The soft smile that catches my attention
The secrets i can tell him and he never mention. 
Before long our hands were intertwined.
I held his in my hand and he held mine. 
Safe and warm with lots of smiles and laughs
Something i never thought i would have.
Unexpected hugs and unexpected kisses. 
An unexpected love with unexpected feelings. 
As music played one day he got down on a bended knee
Shed a few tears and said "marry me"
So now we are at a stand still making wedding plans. 
To think it all started off with intertwined hands.
From intertwined lives, to intertwined hearts. 
To intertwined spirits that will never be torn apart.    



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