The Internal Debate

Brain: I’m stranded on this giant place,

Sanity: a tiny island in the sea.

Brain: Beautiful and full of light,

Sanity: yet filled with dark and endless dreams.

Brain: It’s uninhabited by any race,

Sanity: yet filled with sounds that call to me:

a wind that whispers, soft and sweet,

and savage waves that menace me.

Brain: And so I ask, my sanity,

that you do not abandon me,

to walk amidst the standing trees-

Sanity: that dance and laugh within the breeze.

Brain: Avoid the wind.

Sanity: It’s sweet.

Brain: I know, but all it brings is fear and woe.

It’ll lead you up the cliffs-

Sanity: so high-

Brain: and throw you from those cliffs to die.

And most of all, avoid the waves,

Sanity: who offer peace and love today,

Brain: they’ll drag you down, to death unbound,

Sanity: and give me restful peace, no sounds.

Brain: For the memories of those I loved,

Sanity: kisses, laughter, children, hugs,

Brain:  are in your hands to keep so snug.

And if you leave, they will go to

and leave me broken,

Sanity: hopeless,

Brain: doomed.

Cause the more I look,

the more I see,

just how funny things like this can be:
I do not know if you love me,

Sanity: I

Brain: don’t know if you’re my enemy,

Sanity: don’t

Brain: and so I ask and so I plead,

please tell me so I’ll

Sanity: know.

Brain: You see?


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This poem was inspired by A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body, by Andrew Marvell

as well as An Echo Sonnet to An Empty Page, by Robert Pack.



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