Interest is Falling


Good morning Raymondville High School,  another fine morning in your white washed halls.

Another fine day, of trying to not let my interest fall.

Letting it fall due to the teachers inability to keep learning fun, to care if whether a student tries or runs.

Runs from the oppressions and fascism of this school, runs from an education, because “they’re too cool.”

Raymondville High School, you’ve imposed so much laws on us, your students.

It has become hard to breathe and harder to be free.

Free to express oneself, like a normal teenager should.

Do not pretend back in your day, that you never would.

No, I am not asking to dress in skimpy or subliminal clothes, just for you to listen, if you could.

You, School District, impose these laws to make education better, to be free from distractions of each other.

Do you not see the contradiction you have made?

You want your staff, the teachers to dictate what the students wear, you pull them out of class to go home and change.

What about the other students you allow dress that way? Not fair.

You pick those out that will listen to you, yet you ignore those that you favor.

Why have a dress code that you allow students to ignore frequently, because they are on the football team? The cheerleading team? How funny you dictate the students who are not in any athletic team, you push them around and exacerbate their internal screams.

Why is it you refuse to tell certain students to abide by our laws? Are you afraid of their parents? It seems to be the case now a days. Whatever happened to honor and dignity? Did you lose that when you obtained your highly coveted roles as; School Board members, principals, and so on…

Oh Raymondville High School, do the students a favor. Get rid of the white washed halls, and do your best, to not let the student interest fall.


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