Intensity - Part 2


Intensity hits me yet again/ A nervous feeling that drives me insane /I seek to collect my scattered thoughts / The ones scattered like Indians on dawn's highway bleeding / crowding my fragile eggshell mind / There must be about four hours left / Four hours of studying before I take this night's rest / Before I take this night's rest to get away from this intensity / This feeling that burdens me and keeps me down / I know that failure cannot defeat me / No 45 in calculus can keep me down / My confidence increases to a level unheard of / As I prepare for three hours of Hell / This hell is unrelenting / A condition never ending / I reason with God himself / Lord willing, I will succeed / I cannot let this intensity / this pressure pushing down on me / stop me from realizing my dreams / it is that feeling again / that all-too-familiar feeling / intensity



This poem takes place during Ramapo College's Final Exam Week.  It focuses on my thoughts as I prepared for the Math with Applications final exam on December 17, 2013 (the test was December 18, but I studied on December 16 and 17).  This is a follow-up to a poem called "Intensity" that I wrote before midterms that October. 


Great poem! It's very optimistic and has this great determination behind it. I feel it in every word. Don't stop writing my friend.

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