Intellectually Hardcore

Hello, I am a fangirl. 
All the fandoms sometimes make my head swirl.
So many emotions, so many feels.
The Doctor's TARDIS, I would love to steal. 
Then there's Sherlock and his Reichenbach fall 
Which makes me want to crawl into a corner and ball.
Sam and Dean, yeah they're a family team.
Slaying all things supernatural, they're the perfect teenage dream.
Next comes Hermione, Ron and Harry,
Waving their wands and defeating Voldemort whose face is really scary.
And then there's Tris and Four,
Being Dauntless is never a bore.
I can't leave out Katniss with her arrows and bows.
She sparks a revolution wherever she goes.
Back to the Future can get kind of heavy.
Sometimes it's hard to keep the story steady. 
So I'm a fan of John Green and his brother Hank.
Writing The Fault in Our Stars must've put a lot of money in his bank. 
I'll never deny my love for books; new and old.
"I'm obsessed." is something I've been told. 
But fictional characters are my friends.
To me they're more than just pretend.
I may sound crazy right now,
But if I didn't read, survive I don't know how. 
So maybe I'm a nerd, sure you can call me that, but what for?
When I prefer the term 'intellectually hardcore'!


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