Insurmountably Lost


A chest of drawers that once was open,

But now is locked.

A little girl tries to peek inside,

And look for something she had lost.

A doorway that was open,

Now is broken.

Leaving a world that once was loved,


Like a bur stuck to a sock,

It was ripped off.

It was attached to something dis-attached.


Alone in a space that cannot be reached,

It has been lost.

700 leagues under a sea of seclusion,

Unreachable is where it lays.


The little girl pulls and pulls on the handles of the drawers.

But they will not budge.

Tears slide down her cheeks as she realizes that she has lost the thing that is most precious to her in the sea of beyond reach.

Insurmountable it becomes as the little girl grows into a young woman.

The chest of drawers becomes a trunk with layers of chains and numerous locks.

The treasure inside has not been seen for seven years.

She wants it more than gold or silver,

Almost as much as water and air.

She tried taking hammers and saws to its sides,

She tried to find the keys to its locks.

The one who has locked this box,

Hides the keys like a fox.

He withstands her beatings and yelling and pleadings.

Her wishing, wanting, and pleading.

Her tears and her smiles and fleeting.

He just stands straight and tall and doesn’t even look at her at all.

Insurmountable it becomes,

But she still tries hoping,

that she will be the one,

to find the key and open to see what has become of what was lost when she was just a little one.


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