Instructions For a Person

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I am the human body
Your vehicle of transport and intellectual evolution
A mental arsenal of limitless capacity to house your dreams and knowledge
The medium by which you are able to attain all you desire in this world

I am the human body
You and I have become intimately acquainted as we have learned of each other's habits, strengths, and weaknesses
Together we have constructed a cooperative relationship
One of shared power and equal reward
For neither of us can be successful without the other
As my warning label reads, resist dependency on me, as that is a common temptation in your world too often entertained
Your purpose is fulfilled not by my appearance, but through your unique personal journey,a task you were made to specialize in and I merely translate physically
Harness your impulses and master the art of thinking and questioning
This will ripen your potential to the highest extent possible

I am the human body
The identity of my architect baffles you
A creator as sophisticated and capable of such transcendence in the engineering of my function and aptitude is infinitely elusive to your kind
The kind which has no memory of life outside this world and inhabits bodies like me until our dates expire
Turmoil and war have plagued humanity as a product of this lack of understanding and desire to discover what only my kind know with absolute certainty
One day, as you no longer reside at my address, sit and have coffee with the one responsible for our existence as I did, and you will be enlightened with the knowledge you had so naturally craved

I am the human body
Be good to me and I will be your greatest friend
An unyielding instrument for growth and triumph in your quest for truth and meaning
Though we will become accustomed to each other's presence, the time will come for us to go our seperate ways
An inevitable destiny assigned to complicate life's turbulent and joyous path, and consequently birthing new wisdom and insight

Us human bodies, we love to meet different people of your kind
We talk amongst ourselves about who we've hosted
Our favorites and our abusers
Those who’ve used us right and those who’ve used us wrong
It’s the ones with inner peace and grace who leave the deepest impressions
We are five star hotels available at no charge for your use and comfort
And it is in your complete power to make it a meaningful stay

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This poem was inspired by another poem entitled, " Instructions for a Body", which shed light on the body image issues which plague many young women today. My poem addresses the need to nurture and celebrate the bodies we inhabit by cultivating our minds, living a healthy lifestyle, and seeking growth as spiritual human beings.

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