Compared to these snakes I'm a dragon,

A lyrical beast that spits flames while standing in a crowd of loud mouths

that refuse to listen to the truth but are quick to eat lies like food to lie detector,

So I sit down and listen the nonsence until a random thought saves my intellect

from being suffocated by the BS that chokes my ears.

My lack of interest is short lived after the most ridiculous comment catches my attention.

"We should nuke all of Iraq."

What the hell is wrong with people?

I never expected the brightest words to shine off the tounge of a seventh grader,

but those words were so dark that a black hole wouldn't even repeat them.

I could of said something, would of said something, should of said something

to express my opinion and to expose her ignorance

but my shyness surpassed glossophobia and sealed my lips.

In my mind I struggle to construct a response and my words skip like a CD D D D

So I keep my thoughts to myself.









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