It's not a secret life isn't alway easy.
Sometimes it feels like the world wants certain
people to fail. But seeing these people succeed leaves 
me feeling a certain way; inspired. 

I'm inspired by everything around me.
especially the people. 

im inspired by my mom whose had
such a hard life yet never lets me see her shed a tear

I'm inspired by my aunt who lost her daughter
yet looks to god like she owes him a favor.

im inspired by my sister whose faced more challenges
that it would be easier to count the things that went right for her
on one hand 

but yet she survives, she overcame, and she's thriving  

Many say I have a lot motivation for someone my age  
my dad was incarcerated the day before I went to middle school
I should have failed in life

but because of those people I became inspired and I not only survived but I 
conquered life. I've seen people succeed who never should have
And I'm one of them.

its amazing what we can accomplish when we try 

so yeah, you could say I'm inspired 

I'm inspired to do everything they think I never could have done
and then some

and then maybe then they'll be inspired too 




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