InspirationWhat is it ?It's


What is it ?

It's that feeling of having a great idea

We all get inspiration from many things

Music, books, and even stains on the ground

But the most inspiring thing of all is nature.

Nature is everywhere, all around you. 

Take a look through your window or door.

Step outside and sample it.

It’s beautiful and terrifying

Beasts both big and small live

From the darkest depths to the highest peak.

Some are cute, some are gross and some are just cool.

You can not only find inspiration in natures beasts

But in the plants that grow

These plants might seem fragile and in some ways are

But look a bit closer , observe them 

You realise that they are quite resilient.

Some plants can bounce right  back after being burned

Some come back to life when you think they’re dead.

And some survive droughts.

Plants aren't just resilient but they’re delicate too.

Flowers are  delicate but they’re still inspiring.

Inspiring that's what nature  is and the best sources of 

                INSPIRATION TOO.

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Our world


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