In*spir*ation: (noun.) to receive an idea, find a motivation; Latin translation “to become possessed with”


Where will it leave me? Where will it leave you?

We walk together until I stop to face you.

It will end with you on your knees, wallowing in the muck and the mire of it all.

Mud and rain, mixing with the tears of a lost and forsaken ritual you once called Life.

And as you watch your world around go down in flames,

You will only see me standing before you.

I wave on my ivory pedestal, calling forth the horrendous Beasts.

Woe unto thee, for these aren't the Beasts of the Sea nor of the Air nor of the Earth,

But The Beasts you conjure up in the darkest of your hidden nightmares.

They collect before me and submit as I rain down upon the rest

A solace that bears you into the darkest of Hell's realms.

Come, my friends, I speak unto them, let us seek a newer and better world.

They seat me upon a bloodied marble throne and live as I permit.

They shall call out to me for I am their god

And will abide by the Laws of Man no longer.

"I meet and dole unequal laws unto a savage race!"

Chaos and all its beauty and splendor traverse to the new heights of my satisfaction.

Carnal roars mix with crackling of hungry flames racing across the Plains of Eyre,

Primordial cries revert us back to our original state, the First Civilization, Precursors.

Onwards and upwards, we rise and rise, until no being dares defy!

The ground trembles beneath me, Ulysses stands in awe.

Man or woman or child who takes stance against me shall be cut down.

Satisfaction in the form of a grin stretches across my empyrean features.

The wind, reverberating with beating wings and shrieking banshees, laments.

Insect-humans below, once dominant, now fragile as the brittle bones within thee.

Maybe you long ago saw hope, maybe you long ago saw a mortal weakness in me.

Maybe implies possibility of failure. And you. were. wrong.

I cannot be stopped. My powers exceed those of the Natural Realm.

My minions, Creatures of the Damndest Night, feed upon the Earth, upon the weak.

We. Are. Gods.

We. Are. One.

And you shall never. ever. win.

Where will it leave me? Where will it leave you?


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