Inspiration from Benjamin Franklin


Too often do we wave a flag and blindly call ourselves a part of the nation. The soul must shine through with what we believe. As an American, what does that mean? Could it be freedom? But what choice is made to use freedom? That is what makes an American. How we choose to make use of our freedom of the upmost importance. Do not use this gift as an American to pour out negativity and practice a foul mouth. Yes, be proud and patriotic, but do not let the snake swallow us whole. Spit and shine, gleam with positivity and make progress for an idea of difference and change. Make way to participate as a part of public affairs, not as selfish, but to hear or be a teacher unto others. Recall, “the key often used is kept bright,” as told by Franklin. Do not take it as the American right to sit and sloth, maintain a high level of productivity and activeness. Take it as a fought for and earned privilege to learn, explore, and share. It is a great honor to be free. It is the duty of humanity to take advantage of opportunities and the good model of morals to develop the body and mind into exemplary levels.


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