Inspiration Beneath Desperation

I’m a snowflake drifting through the air

It’s below freezing and no one seems to care

I criticize my crystal eyes, on my route to the ground

The wind blows hard against my scars,

When I’m on my way down


It’s chilling

I’m spilling 

any fear inside

It’s piercing

I’m killing

The urge to run and hide

Surrounded by the atmosphere, must I plead insanity?

For with all of this freedom I feel trapped by gravity


The cold surface of the earth warmer than me still

There I lay

Just for a moment

I see hope for a brighter day

There’s love in this world, even if it’s hard to see

Kindness compassion and unity, inspire me

To keeping fighting the fight, for what I believe is right

The seasons will change, and so will I

This snowflake will emulate the vibrance of life

This poem is about: 
Our world


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