Well, it's 10 o' clock and lights are out.

My roomate is snoozing, a lump of blankets.

Through the dark, I hear a plane, soaring overhead with it's last passengers.

I flip over, shuffling my feet through the tangle of sheets.

A blinking light captures my attention,  distracting my mind from numbing sleep.

It's my computer, alerting me it needs to be charged.

I slip out of bed, and reach under the desk, searching blindly for my charger.

Smug with satisfaction of finding the plug, I hop into bed again, exhaling.

Cmon me, sleep!

I glance to my left, and a red blur greets my eyes, announcing it's 11:30.

I huff and turn the clock around, not wanting to realize the truth. 

My stuffed animal smiles in the dark, watching the struggle.

I kick the covers off, freeing myself from the molten lava prison.

Reaching for my phone I check the time, blinded by the ridiculous amount of light it shows.

A moan is heard from across the room, and my roomate shifts, dreaming.

Of course, I'm jelous, and close my eyes, only to open them later.

1:15. Cmon me, sleep!!

I give up, and get out of bed to hit the bathroom, actually shivering from the lack of blankets.

I also grab some chips, hungry from the fight that I have lost. 

Luckily, my roomie is dead to the world, and could sleep through a fire alarm.

It's 3:29. Frustrated, I stretch my limbs, and finally sank into a semi-asleep state.

Some idiot in the hall is drunk, and laughs as he passes by the room with a friend. 

Damn him. Startled awake, I make sure the door is locked, and sit. Sit. Sit.

4:56. I'm officially dead. I just want to close my eyes, and never get up again.


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My community
Our world
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