I do not sleep,

My mind talks through the night

Keeping me up

Until it becomes light.

Perhaps it’s from stress,

Perhaps it’s from dreams,

Not the kind in one’s sleep

But the kind in one’s head.

Perhaps it’s from heat,

Perhaps it’s from hurt,

The answers unclear

Like water with dirt.

Perhaps it’s from love,

Perhaps it’s from loss,

Perhaps it’s from me

Forgetting to floss.

For I do not know why

I’m unable to sleep

I have tried everything,

Even counting sheep.

So I sit wide awake

In my soft cozy bed

Unable to rest,

This I’ve already said.

So sleep tight my friends,

For one day you too

May lose sight of your drows,

Creeping up like the flu.

Night night my dear friends,

And turn off the light

For tomorrow, who knows,

Insomnia may bite.

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