Insignificant as I look at The Stars

Wed, 08/28/2013 - 00:01 -- rauchb2

Keep your eyes shining
Keep yourself locked away
Look for the silver lining
say what they want you to say

These are the things I am told.
To be the right one
don't try to be bold
keep your hair in a bun.

Don't go out after dark
Follow all of the laws
Park where your supposed to park
Don't show them any flaws

Keep that painted smile bright
Don't let a tear fall from your eyes
Squint like your looking at a light
Keep repeating your lies

Don't stay up late
Love how you should
pretend it's a wanted fate
even if you don't think you could

Don't let your facade go
its the worst thing you could choose
don't befriend this kind of foe
because in this game you would lose

Tell them that the smile is real
I don't care if your lying
Tell them that it's how you feel
Stop your stupid crying

There is nothing you can do in this world
If you think this is cruel and mean
You are still a young girl
there is so much more to be seen

You are not alone in your depression
It is the same for everyone
Even though for me its become an obsession
we are all just another no one.


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