inside roars

We were friends right?

Were we?

No, we weren’t

Why don’t I have an excuse for this query, at least to please maself……?

You said he is my zephyr but how can it just tear me off?

No, I never said that, he is havoc

What? Havoc? No, no, no, he is my ardour, don’t you dare utter those again, but you inspirited me and now chastising me?

When did I allowed you to oust me by him, it’s not ma fault you fell for him

But we did talk a lot, as deep as an ocean

No you didn’t, you transformed me as him and exchanged words, and you never had a fortune to talk to him

Then why did this all aroused as the sweetest day dream

It was the wildest nightmare which could have faded you away to wonderlands

Yeah, true I had forgotten he is adored by angels now…..

Staring at the stars she whispered to herself       

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