Inside Out

On the outside I am no one special

I’m not significant, I’m not important

I am just average

Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin.

On the outside I am nothing

But inside,

I’m extravagant

I am burning with passion

I’m a light so bright you can’t possibly miss me

On the inside I am a child of God

Fueled with love, talent, and skill

On the inside I’m perfect, beautiful, and undoubtedly his

Inside, Outside

I am not the same. I want to be inside out

I want my soul to be bare, exposed

I want to be seen for who I am…no!

Who I really am.

Inside out I would be the light you can’t block,

The sound you can’t ignore,

The feeling you can’t shake.

Inside out I would be

A fire, a fire burning viciously for God and Good

If I were inside out everyone would see me, the real me.

The me God sees.

Beautiful, strong, loved, fearless, everything I want to be.

Inside out I would no longer be the me everyone sees.


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