'Inside the closet'

'Inside the closet'
Inside that vault is a Beast.
A patient Beast, waiting to be unleashed.
A precarious volcano waiting to erupt
Producing a lava of tears overflowing like a
Flooded stream
Silence is cup of a deadly venom
That instill death with every dose taken
Society shatters silence voices
Living death as the only source of redemption
No justice taken, no hand to restrain
A victim of yourself trapped between
The instability of the heart and a turbuland mind
Heart murmurs, cardiac arrhythmus its a cardiac inversion
A soul trapped in a Web of stress, regret and depression
No strength to break this
Shell and face reality
A plague of phobophobia
Designed to hinder every step towards freedom
A social hermit, I'm an introvert
What do I know
Stuck between apprehension and the harsh Norms of Society
Its a peculiar kind of loneliness, one I can't eschew..

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Our world
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Dean Njane

This, is a Poem to.raise awareness about the Silent killer, "Depression". Being an Occupational therapy student I often work with a lot clients dealing with Depression. Its Silent but deadly.

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