Drip, drip, drip,

like a faucet leaking slow,

running through my mind,

like a rabbit in the snow.


Click, click, click, 

as she types on her keyboard.

That sound will drive me crazy,

and I'm extremely bored.


Tick, tick, tick,

like a clock that counts the time,

snatching at my focus,

whirling like a dime.


Think, think, think,

as I'm thinking up this rhyme,

the teacher keeps on yapping,

wasting all my time.


Talk, talk, talk,

like a parrot in a tree.

The answers to the tests,

that's all words are to me.


Why, why, why,

can't teachers teach us right?

"Teach to the test, or die!"

It seems a life long fight.


Why can't teachers teach us what they know we ought to know?

They must teach to the tests that always come and go.

Don't waste my time with theories, or silly little dates,

Teach us all the good stuff, and we'll cooperate!




i wrote this for the scholaarship

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