She was only sixteen

Seduced and pressured by her boyfriend

He told her that he’ll always love her until the very end

Not knowing that they about to commit sin

Unprotected sex that made her so nervous having chill bumps around her skin

Knowing her family was very religious

But all she could say was that’s my boyfriend and to stay out her business


Weeks passed by  

She noticed she’s been losing weight

She noticed her headaches

She noticed her temperature rates

She noticed she haven’t been feeling to good


She visit a doctor

The doctor tells her the bad news

She’s been diagnosed with aids

She seemed confused

Looking at herself in the mirror as her body begins to fade

Wishing she could of waiting or was protected

But it was already too late

So for everyone who think they ready to have sex

Make sure that you are safe and don’t’ make that same mistake




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