Inner Strength

inner strength

those are the words

rarely appreciated, seen, or heard.

the strength is like a light, the fragrance of the sun

shining at its best 

working all as one.

one light on its own,

bright as it may be,

grows more radiant

as water flowing through a tree.

a tree sprouting life,

each branch is a soul.

a soul bearing many seasons,

as if buried whole.

but despite the lasting winters

and forever falling leaves,

the soul creates a sprout

and the tree still breathes.

breathes through the fire

breathes through the pain

breathes through the words created in vain.

vain from the process

vain from the tears

vain from the loss of growth through the years

that no one hears

none of their peers surrounded by fears

forced to switch gears

but listen, my dears.

after all of that hurt,

after much too long

of pushing through the dirt,

the people around you

here to love and to serve

are here to bring you the joy

you so very much deserve.

you little sprouts of hope,

you form the trees of our foundation,

the basis of our very lives,

a true inspiration.

i learned to be thankful for this life

in each and every thing that i do,

because i see that inner strength

inside all of you.

- ilw

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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