Inner Sinner

Love sick since i got bit by the lust bug

At the sight of a passed out bitch

Home alone in the crib I lick my lips

Like munchies after a spliff

In her little cute outfit, from which I want her to strip

I can taste it now, her sweet clit, sip each drip

of fluid leakin' from her lips, my tongue slowly slips

up and down her slit, hard is my dick, why beat it

when I can stick it between her cleavage

while she kisses the tip

See, why we lie to be nice and deny the beast hides

But still exists

We front as if that co-worker with the thick pussy lips offered a tit fuck for a quick buck

We'd turn away a chance to mate without rape

Like we don't crave a quick nut

Anti-testical festival, I like em flexible

Like my schedule if im textin' you send nudes

Woman dominate my interests when I dominate them it's intense in a sense I love givin'

The innocent back shots 'til her back pops, role playing she saying "dad stop"

Entry of this entity;

an explicit indecent resulting in decreasing spine density

If I want you intensely in bed with me is your destiny

Don't tempt me, broken with scholiosis are those with

A memory of when I made them my sex slave

Without the prison cage rape

The dark part of my heart is starved

Is the animal with a hard on

See beast's just fuck who, when, and where they want

We only differ cause we filter our thoughts but for what?

To be above a "sinner"?

I picture, the thick booty of curvy a young beauty

With a berry juicy enough to suck the cum

From inbetween her smoothly skinned thighs

So tight, see hugs me with her legs pushing me deeper inside

Smooth lips soft are her tits

Still I suck hard on her nips

Who's this? A forbidden blessin with a complexion

Almost worth headin' Armageddon

I can tell she's sweet to eat, clean with a petite physique

I can bend her into position with no limitin' resistance performing any action without a reaction

To be specific deep throat without gaggin' committin' any "sin" hidden you can fathom

For as long as she's nappin'

Or down for some action

Rationalize it to maximize this

Experience reck-fearin' senses

That seek-the need to savior the flavor

Of the facial features of a young teen er-ect

as I explore the same space in my brain that contains thoughts that relate to those I abhore

gore, and war

Even Catholic girls finger fuck themselves to the dark lord role playing as I lore

this sleeping beauty more into my fairy tale until bored or until this whores cervix is sore

esophagus worn

and anus torn from my sword and rubber shield

I'm into yanking so have your hair back

No need to fear

The spanking as I'm breaking you bare back

To make it easy perceive me as a King if need be

to comprehend how when

I tap into your soul once you give yourself to me whole

you discover your inner Queen

With me you experience the being behind the intimacy when you release your energy

it's empowering

Hair flowering, vibration through your levitating body

Expressing this Divine experience aloud to me

I'm a breed of a predatorial beast

That performs intercourse as a Godly entity

The happy ending is pending

Depending on if I can perform the trending

fetishes on porn

I'm guessing I'm a devil with a single horn

Diss emasculation assist in my ejaculation

My stamina is entrenched in patience Im intendin'

to stretch this pleasure

Your perfume better erects the

Anaconda, mama is what you'll soon be

Pussy so juicy I'm not stoppin

Even when the comdoms poppin

Be cautious how you flirt imma boy peppered with dirt

You like to "play" I like to "play" to, playful

Giving you a facial your face will make me bust alone

Your holy yoni I must bone

What I behold in my psych, if I manifest

After I'll have to clens my soul

The taunting thought is haunting

Shall I ever be relieved?

I'm so horny whether awake, sleep, or deceased I want to be in thee

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