The Inner Scream/Enough

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 09:31 -- KCooper



The inner scream that takes over my mind

sometimes when right and wrong is blurred 

I have no one to fall on but that same scream 

the scream of a young woman trying to pursue her college dream,

but her parents don't see because their caught up in their thoughts of

our baby leaving us, so they hold on so much to the point that it's driving 

her insane but not only mentally.

Her emotions are like a world wind one day hot than cold but she has a plan

to get to her school she so desperately needs but fear and reality creeps in

she doesn't really have the money so that inner scream gets louder and louder 

is it schizophrenia or just a constant worry in her head 

Neuroticism is the blame game in this but why won't the screams stop 

it feels like shes already dead. 

Until one day the bright lights hit her and she finally awakes to the thoughts 

I refuse to be a slave any longer to this place or this scream 

I will do what I have to do to make it on my own 

This is ENOUGH!!!


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