Inner Me


United States
41° 50' 22.0056" N, 72° 44' 0.096" W

The sound of my heart beats in rage...
Boom-Boom, Boom-Boom
My Fist clinch in Anger...
Boom-Boom, Boom-Boom
The sight of him makes me crawl into my inner shell...
Where were you?
Where were you when I cried, When I feared the worse? Where were you when I was screaming from the inside out. To the lonely nights I suffered? I felt alone by myself. You claimed to be here as you touched my skin. Slowly you kissed me. But yes, you were there physically.. But emotionally this was wrong. You hear my heart beat.. You feel my heart beat against your chest. What happened between us was wrong and those memories haunt me to this day. You deny anything happened.. But we all know the truth. This gave me motive to move on.. to create a stronger me... The inner me is who I want to be !


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