Inner Demon

Can you remember who you were before the world broke you down?
Before you became nothing more than an unfamiliar face in the crowd.
Slowly you have allowed your inner demons to control you,
To own you,
To the point where you don't even recognize your own reflection in the glass.
Happiness and tranquility are now a thing of the past,
As you hide behind your mask,
Your mask of lies.
The lies you tell when you say you're fine.
Hiding the scars that now line your thighs, 
Out of sight out of mind... right?
You constantly wonder if things will ever be alright,
As you lie awake in bed each night.
Fighting the fight.
Fighting just to stay alive,
But losing the drive,
The drive to push on.
Every day like the same old song, 
Never knowing exactly what is wrong,
But still feeling empty, alone, and sad, 
Making people mad
As you disappear inside.
Feeling unworthy of help,
It is like you are trapped within yourself,
Like a pocelain doll immobile on the shelf,
Slowly collecting dust.
No hope of getting out of this rut.
You feel helpless,"
Just wanting it all to end.
Wanting for once not to have to pretend, 
To pretend you are not falling apart at the seams,
Not to have to muffle your screams.
Can you remember?

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