In Inhalation I Am, In Exhalation I Stand


And I wrote these thoughts down in my head

Where they would never be spoken of again

Until the findings of a fragile mind erupt in time

And space, gathering the courage to be

To exist among the trees and stand inadvertently

To exist among the beings that broke the leaves

Leaving everything behind, sojourning


At last to feel a sense of relief

Through the pouring out of hopes and dreams

No longer consumed by the presence of past pretenses

And mistaken realities, gathering the courage to speak

To be heard for a cause greater than the eye can see

To be heard within the realm of possibility

Reverberating this renewed meaning, hope gleams


Aligned with every heart beat my lungs fill to their full capacity

Reminiscing in each breathe… then gently reminded

Of whom I share it with, a generation burdened by anxiety

And self-hatred, gathering the courage to see

To learn that loneliness unites people who appear out of reach

To learn that love conquers the worst of what the world embodies

In the midst of weakness comes greater understanding


With courage gathered I’ve abandoned a desolate scheme

To re-enter a misinformed society made of depreciated members

Instead of the inverse, neglecting the negative image

Of ideal appearance projected through a news feed, I know my role

To aid in the struggle because as much as the world

Independently knows, I know all too well

You are never alone

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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