Infinitely United (tribute to the Holocaust)

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 19:56 -- Aabre14

Death lurks in every corner

as we are thrown into the burner.

Towards the chamber full of gas,

we walk, our feet torn up by glass.


All I want is to see him smile,

before we are tossed into the pile.

We had our problems in the past.

We never thought that this would last.


But now near death, we are brought together.

Wanting us to last forever.

But we know death now waits,

because of our God and physical traits.


Our people are dying

their souls are flying,

off to a place where there is no crying.


We hold hands as we wait in line,

behind those that have less time.


As I stand there I feel a gust

there he is behind us.

The man that will separate me and him,

like two flowers blown by the wind.


As we are taken like animals,

by these men who are worse than cannibals.

I hear him telling,

while he’s yelling.

That we shall be in love forever.

I yell, “we will once again be together.”


As we are hit for showing affection,

I know I’m under my loves protection.

But as I’m taken to the chamber,

I wonder if I’ll see him later.



As we inhale the fumes of death,

in separate chambers we drown in our chest’s

as we take our last breath.

Together we die in separate places.

To be united in the graces.


As our souls rise together.

Our bodies stay on earth forever


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