The Infinite Symphony


We watch her

She watches us

Her hands are up

One breath together and we go

Our bows slide


Fingers grace the board

Gliding daintily

We then see the light we've waited for


Foreshadowing the magic to come

We grow as one

Slurring across the lines

Ebony and ivory in beautiful harmony

We feel it before we see it


Despite our difference in altitude

We all file up the staff

Higher and higher we climb


Once, twice, thrice

Together we soar

Every note is hooking, slurring, trembling

Vibrato intensifying them all

The eye stares at us

Remindng us who is in control

She cuts us off

Con Moto

Soprano and alto

A match made in heaven

Dancing like the piece belonged to them

They all too soon break apart

We feel the growing anticipation

And we know they feel it too

It's in the air around us

The finale

Con Fuoco

Erupting like God's given right

We are one and we must project

Our souls were filling the room


Everything we have and everything we are

Is to be laid here and now

Each note wears its own crown

We give them their glory


Beginning our fall

It is not sad

But gracious

For when we are done

Our sound is still there

And forever will it be




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