The infinite love

The infinite love 
Till death do us part
The raging war
Of the head and of the heart
Words never spoken
Feelings never sought 
The build up of this dangerous thought
It was a long time coming they say
But the fear of the truth never fades away
Actions always did speak louder than words
It seems to me this should be of no concern
To the people looking in
On what should have been
years spent learning how to pretend 
And as we well know
There was never a day to show
So the death do us part was a bit of a lie 
And the infinite love will all but die
Along with all the years gone by
Spent loving you
So here comes the best part
My goodbye
As you once said
Everything must die
I never thought that would include us
So take your lies and goodbyes
Take your future and memories
Pack them up and push them away
Just like you did with me 
The immensity of emotions building up
The insecurity of trust 
Will never leave me
All the scars that we've made
Will never go away
I don't have much more to say 
other than 
Nothing like the smell of morning air and the bittersweet taste of nostalgia still dripping from the tongue. 


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