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Born of innocence on a warm summer day.

Only the love of a mother can keep a heart alive,

No father to cry for or dad to say goodbye.

You grow up wondering why.

Your mother's 21st birthday was your first day of school

You missed the father daughter dance

And you had no Father's day surprise.

You grow up wondering why

You ask your mom where you get your eyes,

All she does is smile and turn away.

You can hear her sobs a night, and

You grow up wondering why.

Then high school comes around.

The school's football captain askes you to homecoming.

It's the best night of your life.

You grow up wondering why.

You wake up one day, 8 months later.

A cold bed, and a child alone in your stomach.

No one to comfort you or father to support you.

Everything went wrong somewhere.

You grow up wondering why.



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This was inspired basically by my life. My mother concieved me when she was in her teenage years and I was never able to have that father to daughter bond as a child, and with everyone in my family getting pregnant at such a young age, it was pretty much expected that i do the same. I am proud to say that next year I will be turning 18 and I do not forsee a child at any time from now until then.

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