Infinite Dictionary

With such tenacity in the eyes of the living

with remnants in the souls of the dead

with persecution of those who do not understand

the disheveled souls search for a meaning

to be alive

to be living

to be dead

can a simple dictionary profess the meaning of such terms?

can one be living but not alive?

can one be alive while dead?

the definition can fall askew to the means of society

the terms can be mangled and mis shapen

the words can mean what you want

although a heart can be beating

the lungs breathing

blood flowing

can a soul still be present?

with no identity

no sense of self

no sense of hope

can someone be living?

just another number in the mix

a number in the progressive state of history

a number that changed no one

but numbers in the whole that changed everyone

is there ever a word with only one meaning?

with so many meanings and definitions can there only be one?

the definition of such broad terms as beauty



is not in the eyes of the beholder?

with so many people in the world

why is there no one to question the skewed, yet accepted meanings
why is there no infinite dictionary to the questions of the world?

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