The Infinite


From the genesis of time,

Man was created from the very bowels of the earth

Flesh and bone

Blood, muscle and sinew

The perfection of a new animal

The human.


Heart beats.






Eyes opening, the brightness of an unfamiliar area

Burning the retina an unseen depiction

What is this?

What am I?


The painful sensation to my eyes

Slowly adjusted to see

The nameless and innumerable around me

I began to descry my surroundings

And vague utterings filled my head

Whispering light and darkness


A prominent voice within me resonates

" I shall show you the isochronism of the

seemingly most insignificant life form

To the progression of the most powerful

And the meaning of where you stand in this world."


I saw my life before my very eyes

I ate, I slept and I survived

No ethos, rules or regulation

I did whatever I needed to perservere

From this mode of primal existence

I advanced into the stage of civilization


The ancient roots that connected nature

Has been cut off for sustenance

The natural treasures of the earth

Has become nothing more than mazuma

Buildings rose and scraped the sky

The thoughts of men ameliorated

From the ground to the loftiness of the clouds


I no longer needed to survive

But my body and my mind

Once intrinsically linked

To the blood of the earth

Has been reduced to a muddled world

Of speaking without listening

Of looking without seeing


I saw my body, progressed into the most advanced form

But it grew more frail and vulnerable

And I saw it inevitably fall to

The abstruse phantom known as death


I watched my body decayed

From skin to muscle

Muscle to tissue,

Tissue to bones

And in the wonder and cruelty of time

My body disintegrated into nothing more than dust


I have become part of the earth

I felt incalculable life forms within me

Teeming, surviving, living

The sun made love to the earth with its fire

And I became imbued with its light

Life itself became my providence


I was the simple grass that grew in myriad places

I was the cow that ate the grass

I was the human that ate the cow

I was the earth that ate the human

And the earth itself was eaten by time

And time itself faded into oblivion


My vision gave way to awakening

Invisible tears were running down my soul

Ignorance and innocence

Developed into the ultimate truth

The truth that was veiled by illusion


I am only human

I am part of the great chain of being

A continuous circle of life

Birth and death

A cycle that will ensue for eons


Yet we are individuals

Inconsequential and miniscule we may seem

We are part of the key

The core that creates this life

We are children of the infinite




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