Have you ever dared explore the wonders

of your feats fails and blunders?

Have you ever asked the question so queer

of "Do I even need to be here"?

Others are better, others are wiser

my abilities a dew drop, their talent alone a geyser

with questions asked, your thoughts heeded

You proceed to ask "Am I needed?"


"Talent only flies you so high"

that's what I've heard, so far it's a lie

When I've done my best, even tried for the next

They've done better than that, and aren't even vexed


With my ego in shambles, I quiver and shake

Yet they do not notice and are far from a quake

While my best works of all, I recollect

Works better than that, they are soon to forget

My first start to clench, emotions a-boil

Then I dare ask "Am I merely their foil?"


Have you ever dared explore the wonders

Of your feats, fails, and blunders?

This is one of those, you see

It's called inferiority

It sometimes leads to infur-ity

From a major lack of security

But you will find rest if only you say

"I did my best" and call it a day

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