The Inevitable Highway

A rained out,dull,September day

A day of fate on a blue dinner plate

Tradegy struck before the food i ate

shouldve counted my blessings when they told me so

i wouldve never thought about this poem having been written so.

weeks before we shared a kiss

i held your hand in the 2013 bliss of black gowns and gold tassels.

Old and gray you said we'd stay

death decided you away.

i pray you're keeping me safe as i travel through the highway you inevitably left.

We know you're a beautiful soaring angel.

we would ask for you back

but im afraid we have to hack

this pain, sorrow, i promise you ill try to bear..

too many things were left unsaid

news needs to be spread

texting and driving needs to be out of our heads

Rene,may you be all of me

on this journey of life.

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