Inert colloquy


As the days go by, as minutes of my life past my responses to what seems like a beautiful thing is lifeless.

I was but now I am not prodigiously elated, noone knows but I am warily aware of my destitute situation in supporting myself. This is a whole other ball game that the education system doesn't teach us about unless you google it.

"Are you ready for college?,  Did you pick a college?, You got accepted? That's Great, How are you going to pay?, Why don't you apply for a loan?" The frequent questions are reverberated in my head day by day.

Loans sound great but is the ending worth it, you can graduate with a major that doesn't mean a thing in the economy and have to walk around with shackles of debt around your arms and legs, so you're forced to lower your head and beg.

For a job that you have no experience in hoping that the pay can lower your debt but there is no way out. The interest is to high and you can't keep up.

Your mind races and you're going crazy you resort to the last thing....


A bullet to the head, cuts on the wrists, smothering yourself, drowning in the tub.

All because of your concious of not being successful and the lies of media telling you do what you love.

The media knows that the economy is damaged and you were better off choosing something that guarantee's your survival.


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